Saturday, 20 January 2018

My winter uniform

Coat: Boohoo // Jumper: M&S // Pants: Zara // Boots: Dr Martens // Bag: Zara // Hat: Topshop

A lot of the time I want to showcase the creme de la creme of my style through my blog, save the best outfits for posting because thats what I feel most confident in. For 2018 I've decided to show every single aspect of my 'style' because lets be honest, most days I favour comfort over anything!
I find this time of the year quite hard to dress for as it is F R E E Z I N G and I refuse to catch a cold. So whenever I leave the house I have a go to warm outfit I'd like to call 'my winter uniform'.

First of all, I need a big, comfy, warm jumper! I have a few I rotate through during winter but this star printed M&S find has to be my favourite. My Mum actually got me this for Christmas which was the first surprise and the second was that it was from M&S. I adore the fit, the colour, the pattern and the fact it makes me feel so snug. In addition to the items keeping me warm, I constantly wear my Boohoo black puffer coat as it is so cozy I never want to take it off. The downside is it's black and I do find my outfits lacking much colour, but when I'm warm, I'm happy so who really cares. For my bottoms I can always count on my trusty pair of Zara flares. They're so much comfier than jeans or fitted trousers and I think they hug onto my curves and flatter my figure a lot! I always think with a pair of flares you need some chunky shoes and in winter I am forever wearing my Dr Martens. I've worn them so much they feel like slippers to me and I have just enough room to wear a pair of fluffy socks to keep my feet toasty, what more could you want?

I guess my winter uniform isn't all that glamorous or astounding but for now it's purposeful. I adore dressing up for ANY occasion, but on an everyday basis I lean towards the comfort factor. I can't wait for days to get a little bit warmer as I know my style flourishes then with colours, patterns and textures!
What is your winter uniform?

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

groovy (shoot 1)

Isn't there something all teens envy about the past?
With their minds wide open, dreaming can take them away.
Wishing they were around for the swinging sixties when youthful rebellion was hot topic. To be raving all night long at the Hacienda, living up the 90s to the highest heights. 
 Pictures, videos and words draw them back in time, they want that feeling in their now.
The past will always be the past so why do we want an essence of what once was to keep repeating itself? 
It's comforting.

For me the 1970's is where I try to be. To be rallying amongst the crowds at Woodstock, evoking the sense of freedom and peace to all or to be dancing through town in the widest, brightest flares making heads turn as I groove along. All decades inspire me, but there is something about the 70's that I can't seem to get away from. 

This shoot is 'Groovy' because it embodies the groove of the 70's to me.
Bright rounded ray bans, glittery flares and a whole load of colour!
I can just see Ell strutting through discos, fur coat in hand and reliving the groovy decade.

Photographer - Myself

Lucy Jane

Monday, 15 January 2018


Monday 8th January 

Did some charity shopping, everything 1/2 price!

Tuesday 9th January

Trip to Manchester

Wednesday 10th January

Doctors visits and Monopoly games

Thursday 11th January


Friday 12th/Saturday 13th January

A mish mash of feeling ill


Monday was the day I started healthy living as I had this thought that put everything in perspective.
There are some parts of my health that I have no control over but there are many parts that I do, I decided I am determined to control of my health and fitness and build myself up again. Me and my Mum popped down to the local Charity Shop where everything was 1/2 price which meant spending only £9 on a variation of coats, dresses and tops!
I started watching 'The end of the fucking world' and I am OBSESSED.

Tuesday was a trip to Manchester which was a first for me in a long while. Prior to being ill, going to Manchester was almost a weekly if not daily occurrence. I'd always be there to shop, for nights out and I spent a good few months working in the city. It was a place I was so confident to be in, it felt like home. Venturing there now holds a lot of anxiety for me. Even though I know the city, I can feel really lost and overwhelmed because I feel so different being there now.
Nevertheless, I managed to get there on Tuesday and had the most wonderful day out with my Mum which I must say, I am pretty proud of.

Wednesday I allowed myself a looooong sleep which meant sleeping until 12. If you didn't know, I have Ulcerative Colitis and a symptom I get almost all the time is general fatigue. I could sleep for hours on end and still be tired, it's not fun. I got up, went on my exercise bike and did some workout videos. My evening started with a Doctors consultation which wasn't too bad, I will be making a new post updating 'My Disease' as there is lots to talk about. I then spent my night with some of my favourite people playing Monopoly and saying goodbye before they leave for uni :(

Thursday was photoshoot day with Ell! I woke up, did my workout and then got everything ready to shoot with Ell. I haven't done much photography over these last few months which does make me really sad, it's something I am so passionate about and adore doing so I knew in 2018 I wanted to get back into it. I opted for a 70s theme for the shoots and they will be coming to my blog very soon!

So Friday wasn't the greatest day, I came off steroid medication on Wednesday which had been keeping me reasonably well and the effect of no steroids hit me Friday. To put it politely, it was a day spent in bed, asleep or on the loo. 
Not all days can be 10/10.

Saturday I woke up hoping that Friday had just been a bad day, but within the first few hours I knew it was here to stay. I did manage to get a work out in as I was trying everything possible to make me feel a bit better as I wanted to go out that night. Unfortunately, I wasn't up for it. I managed to get a last minute appointment with my GP who wrote me a prescription of some more medication that is supposed to help in a flare up. After a trip to the late night pharmacy, I found out I couldn't get it till Monday which is fine, I'll just stay in bed till then.

I'm writing this on Sunday and have pretty much stayed in bed all day but I refuse to feel guilty about it. I used to get so angry with myself if I didn't fulfil my days but now I'm learning to just accept it. My disease is not yet fully under control so I have to expect good days and bad days in my week as if I pushed myself to try and make them all good, I would fall apart. 
One thing about the first 4 days of this week was that I actually felt quite normal again, I felt like life had fallen back into place. It's given me a glimmer of hope of what life can be like when I reach remission, I need that to be soon.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Charity Shop Bop - ALL RED VELVET

Two Piece & Belt: Charity Shop // Jewellery: H&M // Shoes: Asos


Todays charity shop bop features a velvet two piece I picked up around a year ago and I love it. When I saw this on the hanger, it honestly didn't look all that appealing. The top looked very loose fitting and the pants didn't seem shapely at all but I tried it on, worked my magic and fell in love. As the top has a very flattering V cut, I really wanted to accentuate my waist as naturally the cut of the V draws your eye downwards. Originally, the top was very ill fitting so I simply grabbed a bobble, pulled the top together and tied it round the back. 
It made such a huge difference!
As for the velvet pants, they are a stretchy culotte style which I love. They're so comfortable and cling on to all your curves which can be a positive and a negative. To draw the attention towards my waist, I added this golden chain belt which is one of my favourite charity shop finds ever! 
For 50p you can pair it with so many different outfits and it will instantly change the look. 
Statement belts are my thing for 2018!

I adore this look as I am positive this could easily be found on the high street for at least £40, just think of all the money you save! This charity shop bop is fun yet sophisticated, let me see what charity shop looks you can create with #CHARITYSHOPBOP!

Lucy Jane

Monday, 8 January 2018

Two Thousand and Eighteen Week 1 / 52

Wednesday 3rd January
Shot a few sassy blog posts!!!

Thursday 4th January
Went to see The Greatest Showman (the best film soundtrack EVER)

Friday 5th January
Charity shopping day & family meal

Saturday 6th January
Lil walk

Sunday 7th January
Depop & trip to Grandma's 

In 2017 I was always thinking about ways of recording my life. I wanted to be able to look back and remember the little instances that otherwise I would've forgot. I've always been into journalling but it's a very personal, private way of documenting my life. I wanted something I could share on my blog that I could do throughout 2018 to document my days, so I decided why not take photos!
I found an app called Huji that adds lil dates to your pictures and replicates the effect of disposable cameras which is pretty cool. 
I simply decided I want to try and make 2018 a memorable year and capture the little moments.

Two Thousand and Eighteen Week 1 / 52

Week 1 started on day 3 technically as the first two days were spent lazing around and learning how to inject/getting my new medication!!(so exciting). After getting my new Humira injections on Tuesday, I decided this week was only going to be one thing, POSITIVE. I'm determined to get myself back into a routine and start fulfilling my days. Wednesday was a productive but chilled out day, I shot a few blog posts in the morning and spent the afternoon chatting with my Nana. As I'd only just got my medication on Tuesday, I was still quite overwhelmed by the whole thing and was exhausted after my short day.
 Thursday was a more upbeat day, me and Ell went to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman and I loved it! I do think the plot could've been a bit more complicated in certain ways but I was sold after hearing the soundtrack. We then went out to Frankie & Bennies and I ate various types of chicken because that is basically the only thing my body can handle. I came home feeling proud that I'd accomplished an afternoon out, it may not seem like a big deal but after weeks of staying inside I was proud to have ventured out and not encounter any problems!
Friday I'd decided to go into my local town with my Mum to scour the Charity Shops. I found an amazing Red Snakeskin longline jacket but for £25,  I could only afford a selfie in it and then I put it back. I then went into my favourite shop where everything is £1, I spotted an old school Elvis tee and picked it up because he is my KING. After a hugely successful trip, we came home and got ready for a family meal out. It was a lovely day!
Saturday rolled around and I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My bowels had not been the greatest of friends after the meal out on Friday night, so unfortunately I got a really bad sleep. When I get up feeling like this, I try to do things to take my mind of it like doing my make up or planning things but that day was just a big no from me. I managed a little walk which was one positive but my anxiety was sky high all day and night. With days like this I need to learn to accept it's okay to not feel okay all the time. I was so set on a positive week that I beat myself up about one day out of my week where I felt really rubbish. 
It's fine to have a bad day sometimes Lucy Jane!!
Sunday's are truly made for lie ins so that is exactly what I did. 
I then went to visit my Grandma and came home to a lovely Sunday Dinner and that was about it. A lovely chilled family day was definitely what I needed.
I'd say my first week of 2018 has been pretty successful for me, I got out of the house and started to do things I'd stopped doing.
Slow and steady wins the race...

Lucy Jane

Saturday, 6 January 2018

One day we're gonna live in Paris

Jacket: Charity Shop // Top: New Look // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: Marks & Spencer // Bag: Zara // Belt: Mango // Beret: Primark

I apologise in advance for the amount of 'White wall' pictures you're going to see over the next few weeks, but I'm determined to get back into blogging and this is my best spot! Over the years I'd always shot pictures in so many locations and had learnt to ignore the glares off strangers. I loved being in the outdoors to shoot, creating unique compositions whilst showing off scenery. Recently, that has become quite challenging for me to do. With both my mental and physical health feeling like a rollercoaster over the past few months, it has had an impact on me.

The main thing that's changed is my confidence, I know I've built boundaries up against things that I'd never had before. I am so much more self-conscious and self-doubting which doesn't help when trying to build confidence in myself. I've 'folded in on myself' as I now feel so small when I used to stand so tall.
But what is stopping me from standing tall again?

I want to work myself back up to being as care free as I once was because I had so much faith in myself and everything I did. I still believe everyone happens for a reason, so I believe that me feeling so much smaller only leaves room for even more self growth to become so much taller.

One day we're gonna live in Paris because one day I'm gonna get that wanderlust and confidence back. 

Lucy Jane

Monday, 1 January 2018

Here's to my rainbow year

Top: Cartia Mallan x Princess Polly // Pants: Missguided // Belt: Charity Shop // Choker: Ebay // Shoes: Asos

I thought it would only be fitting to save this post till 2018, my rainbow year. 
Without dwelling too much on 2017, I can say I learnt an awful lot in 12 months but I am so glad it's over. I want to think of 2018 as my rainbow year to shine like I've never done before. 

Rainbows are bright and I want to be bright, have that sparkle to light up my life and others surrounding. 
Rainbows are colourful and I want to be colourful, bring vibrancy and expression out in the way I present myself. Being colourful always makes me happy.
Rainbows are lucky and I want to be lucky, hoping that 2018 brings everything 2017 took away.
Hope. Health. Happiness.

So enjoy my rainbow outfit and rainbow light because that is here to stay. 
I will get better this year, I will get my health back, I will get control of my life and I will start living again. 
 In a years time I hope I look back on this and think 'She 100% knew this was her year to live' because that is all I want, I want my rainbow life back.
Here's to my rainbow year...

Lucy Jane