Wednesday, 16 August 2017

#CHARITYSHOPBOP - Gingham on Gingham

It's been months since I shared my favourite Charity shop finds and I must say, I have picked up some right gems over summer! Having made up around 70% of my summer wardrobe, Charity shop pieces are unique, slightly more sustainable and so so cheap!

Now who doesn't love a little bit of gingham?!
This summer I have seen it everywhere; gingham tops, gingham bags, gingham dresses, everything in gingham! From large prints to small, it is definitely a trend adaptable to different peoples styles.
I personally love the bright, small gingham prints as you can probably gather yet more simplistic combinations of black and white print suit the perfect minimalist. 

My gingham on gingham was rather a bold choice to make! I picked up this orange crop for £3 a while back and it gave me those cute, summery vibes that I could not ignore. I feel like it's previous owner may have been a country girl who rode horses on a farm or may be I just watched the Hannah Montana Movie too much! Either way I love the laid-back vibe it gives off with its relaxed silhouette but vibrant colour. I paired it with a red skirt I picked up from the Kilo sale in Manchester (my favourite place to shop). With it being such a simply shaped piece, I love that the print is bright and interesting to compensate for the basic structure. I'm in love with all things red so when I saw this I had to have it. Pair it with a bandeaux top, little lace bralet or another gingham print, it looks perfect!
To finish the outfit I threw on a PLT belt and my M&S shoes making for the ideal summery gingham on gingham look!

2017 has been the year gingham triumphed, what style triumphed for you?

Lucy Jane

Monday, 14 August 2017

My disease: Where my Ulcerative Colitis began!

My disease is Ulcerative Colitis and it is going to be mine forever! 
The time feels right to start raising awareness and sharing my story because my disease is not  going anywhere, and it certainly is not going to beat me. Please don't let the title of 'My disease' scare you off because I want these posts to be knowledgable, helpful and informative. Having a chronic disease has become part of daily life to me, I want to write these posts to share my experiences and not feel isolated throughout.

Where my Ulcerative Colitis began?
Who really knows! Doctors have no exact reason as to how the disease is triggered, some relate it to genetics, diet or a reaction from your immune system but nobody really knows.
This was how it went for me...

January 2017 was one of the best months of my life, I was balancing college along with my social life, my blog along with revising and everything was fitting into place. I got my offers from my favoured Universities and was feeling so excited about the future! In celebration, I booked so many holidays and festivals raring for summer 2017, there was so much good going on! I remember writing down how I hadn't cried all month because I was so consumed by happiness. Things were going right and I had no reason to complain about anything, life felt almost perfect.

February rolled around, I don't really know when things changed but they did and quickly. I remember spending 4 days in bed and sleeping for 15 hours each day, having no energy to move or do anything. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I assumed may be stress was exhausting me but I was so confused. Then I started to notice the blood in the toilet. My bowel movements weren't any different I had simply noticed a increasing amount of blood, so I told my Mum.


I stress to anyone if you go for a poo and there is repeatedly blood please PLEASE tell somebody! It isn't embarrassing, we all do it and it is a normal thing to discuss, the amount of undiagnosed IBD sufferers because of the stigma is scary so don't be embarrassed! The Crohn's & Colitis UK website holds a huge array of information for anyone to read and I highly recommend having a look to increase knowledge and understanding of the diseases, the charity and fundraising!

Little did I know at the time, that was where my Ulcerative Colitis began.
I had been suffering the symptoms of tiredness, stomach cramps and blood in my stools but wouldn't understand this till March. Thinking back to where it began, I was scared and wish I had let people know that. Colitis was a thought in the back of my mind but I hoped for the best and carried on. When I started attending doctors appointments, it was clear something wasn't right and I was frightened for weeks to find out the answer. I had so many questions, worries and thoughts and I sort of acted like they weren't important. I had A levels to worry about, 18th birthdays to prepare for and my huge trip to New York, I didn't want my health 'getting in the way'.
I wish I hadn't thought like that...

That was where it began, next is when and how my Ulcerative Colitis was diagnosed.
I hope these posts aren't too personal but I want to share it as my blog is personal.
Raising awareness for the diseases amongst the younger generation is also another reason as I want people to know and understand My Disease.

Lucy Jane

Useful Links
Crohns & Colitis UK
SBs beating Ulcerative Colitis (Just Giving page)

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Floral nights of Kefalonia

Two piece - Zara / Choker - Ebay / Bag - Topshop / Sandals - New Look

A floral night of Kefalonia, filled with countless cocktails and ever so fancy food. The calm of the 8 o'clock scramble up the small hill to Scala town centre was exhausting but rewarding, you could smell the tavernas from a mile off! The heat wrapped around your body all hours of the day and never giving up at night. The hours of perfecting the prettiest glow all gone to waste as humidity battles your make up, melting it off your face. The town of Scala is small but something about it feels homely, like a place to return to when in need of relaxing and rewinding.

I struggle to relax and rewind and felt almost 100% content whilst away. 
I wish so badly to be back in those floral nights of Kefalonia rather than the sleepless night of reality.

Lucy Jane

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


My purse was telling me no but my mind was telling me Y E S, so I did it.
I splurged big time and treated myself to these beautiful oversized square-frame Gucci sunglasses (part of me still dies when I say 'Gucci'). 

On the 18th July 2017 I jetted off to Kefalonia with my favourite travel companion, my mum. The past few months have been more than hectic so we made a last minute decision to get away from reality, relax and enjoy the sun! Having been to the Greek island two years ago, we knew what beautiful scenery and weather we were in store for. 
It was exactly what we needed.

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci! 
I don't know what possessed me to spontaneously buy these sunglasses but I couldn't help but think how nice they'd look with any holiday outfit! Firstly, the striped sides won my heart over. The two royal blue lines look so chic against the solid red (favourite colour of all time) but they also have tiny specks of glitter in which pleases me so SO much.  I LOVE GLITTER.
The overall finish of them looked so mature, I could imagine a well put together mid 20s lady wearing these around the south of France, they just scream chic! 

With my obsession with red being on going, my first holiday look was this thrifted denim skirt paired with a H&M off the shoulder crop. I can't get enough of embroidered prints at the moment and have been constantly reaching for this top as the colours look lovely against my pale complexion. Of course I had to throw on a belt, this Pretty Little Thing double buckled one receives a whole lot of love as it pulls any look together perfectly. I like to keep things bright and colourful at the moment, yet with my own little twist, keeping this outfit Gucci.

Lucy Jane 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A time called now.

This does feel weird, but it feels right.
Having been away from blogging for what felt a lifetime, I want to reflect on everything blogging is to me in a time called now.
 Fashion, creativity, beauty, music, life, simply expression!

Fashion is my biggest love in life and developing my personal style is something that fills me with so much excitement. With life recently being (to put it brutally) shit, I fell in a crisis of wearing comfortable clothes and not really evolving my style. My confidence has been knocked throughout this process and its all baby steps to get on top of it again. So in a time called now I enjoy subtly experimenting but not making the huge statements I would've once happily done. 
Jeans are still a rarity to see me in! I decided pairing these Primark ones with a vintage mesh tee and my customised patch jacket was a comfortable and complimentary look. This look focused all around the mesh and intricate details, creating something of interest without it being overpowering. 
A happy medium I seem to like trying out!

Creativity is something I used to explore through photography, textiles, art, dance, you name it I loved it. I still do. In this time called now I want to start branching back into the things that brought me the most joy. Looking at the world through a creative lens used to inspire me daily, you just have to think about things differently.

My interest in beauty still lies in the classic Lucy Jane look of short hair,  full fringe and the classic winged liner eye. In this time called now I should push myself to experiment with colour and concepts. I adore watching and learning new make up skills but forget to actually use them on myself! It's so exciting how the beauty game is changing, an endless supply of products for an endless amount of creations.
 It's all about trying new things.

Music was the key to my heart and still always will be. The past few months got me into a music rut, I was switching between every genre of music and indecisive on what I really wanted to listen to. I wasn't giving anything the attention I needed to in order to actually enjoy it. I played old albums, tried to attach myself to new ones but nothing felt fulfilling. 
In this time called now I am making time to discover the music that really gets me. The variety of music we have access to is amazing but when you think about it all, its a rather daunting amount. Sure I can say I enjoy a large range of music but I can't connect to it all. 

Life is a huge bitch but theres no point dwelling on it! 2017 has felt like a huge spiralling rollercoaster constantly going up and down with the end feeling so far away from reach. In this time called now I hope that life will become steadier and things will start to look up.
 I have the most amazing people around me, have the chance to visit amazing places and do amazing things but I have an illness which has made me question everything. I'm here for the long term (hopefully) in life, I have to realise that the few sacrifices I have to make now are going to be so small in the large scheme of things. 
Life has felt like a massive bitch when really it couldn't be changed.

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 9 July 2017

My July Mind

I don't really know where to begin or what to say.
I've sat and thought about what to write for days and everything just feels so lacking. 
How can I write what thoughts are swirling around my mind when the truth is I don't really know for myself?

Let's call this post July Mind, sounds fitting enough...

Sitting here at home, in my cozily beautiful shed, I feel lost. 
I know where I am but I have no idea where I have gone.
These past few months I envisage as a huge blur, like a rogue paint stroke upon a canvas with no intention of being or going, abstract I suppose.
I slowly fell away from myself and the worst part is, I knew I was.

Everything felt like an effort, everything felt unrewarding, everything felt like it would crumble and I coped by ignoring, everything. I ignored the things I used to do, the way I used to be and slowly masked the passionate, adventurous and intellectual Lucy Jane with someone I didn't know.
My excuse was 'I am ill' and truthfully, I am.

My illness is the disease Ulcerative Colitis, I was diagnosed in March and it has severely progressed in recent weeks. For now I want to skip over the technicalities as I want to start posts about my journey soon but I will say this much; it drained me, made normal daily life the biggest struggle and effected me so much more than just having a diseased bowel! 
When you're ill, life feels like a cycle and eventually, the cycle needs to be broken.

This was my cycle...

1. I became de-motivated, unenthusiastic about 99% of things in life. I'd fall into slumps previously but I started to struggle to get out, I couldn't understand why I was so effortless because thats not like me. I was questioning why my lack of energy was declining so rapidly, I wanted to do things but there was 0 drive to push me.

2. I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, accepted my illness and started treatment. Throughout these few weeks in April I felt happy, we knew the problem, there was a reason I had become so lacking and I was certain this disease would soon be maintained. 

3. I pretended. I knew my symptoms weren't improving but I felt like they should be. I was conscious  as to everything with my health spiralling downwards but I wanted to carry on as normal. I wanted to go to college, sit my exams and have the summer I'd dreamed of. I was trying different medications, going to constant doctors appointments and feeling awful. My treatment was showing no obvious differences so I had no idea at what stage my disease was at, I kept on going.
Through May and June I braved it and pretended, the world had bigger issues and I thought ignoring mine could me make me better when instead it made me worse. 

4. So this is now, today, this present moment.
I was urgently admitted to hospital last week as my disease had reached a severe stage of Ulcerative Colitis. I stayed in for 4 days on infusion drips of steroids and anti-biotics. My body had been unresponsive to all treatment used since March which is why the disease had spread so violently. My body was 'on fire' as the nurses politely described, a fire that had been building and building since February.
I finally reached the point where I realised 'Oh shit, I am actually ill'.
Laying in a hospital bed there really is no way of pretending that 'you're fine' because the whole world can see that you need help. 

I break the cycle here and say lets make it stop.  

My life has to be put on hold for now, effecting summer plans, University plans and the big, scary future plans. I am ill and I need to get better before I embark on the life healthy Lucy Jane imagined she would have now.  I am trying to accept the process, the disease and everything that is going to come with it because I did too much pretending before. 

I think that my July Mind feels lost because it is at the beginning of a journey I never really planned. I don't feel like myself because I didn't accept myself for being 'ill', my mind couldn't fathom it. 
I need to create, connect and be more than I was because I was feeling nothing, numb.
When you ignore someone for so long, they eventually forget about you and live an independent life yet a spark will always remember what you once had, think if that happened through ignoring yourself. 
My spark feels like its bouncing back and I am shining out through it, I really really hope I am right.

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 28 May 2017

LSB IN NYC - The High Line

I wanted to share some snaps I took whilst ambling down the prettiest park known as The High Line in New York city. Almost 2 months later and it feels like a world away, the city buzz I crave every day seems impossible to find. The High Line elevated you over this city of dreams, allowing you to wander through the buildings and feel at one with city. A cluster of people but it never really felt busy, everything just felt right. I wish I was there right now, in that moment I felt so content, happy and excited with life but instead I am in reality. Slowly I am trying to figure out my approach to everything being thrown at my life, but I'll get there soon. 
Blue skies and skyscrapers, that makes me happy.

Lucy Jane