Monday, 29 December 2014

White Dungarees

(My dad is so vogue)
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas as I did so much so I have barely had anytime to blog but, this week will hopefully consist of some nice shots. I wore this the day before Christmas eve because I wanted to incorporate these Topshop dungarees into my winter wardrobe. I paired them with a turtleneck from Primark (suprise, suprise) and my Topshop chunky boots. My dad decided to make an appearance whilst shooting the pics so I thought why not post it, he's always asking to be on my blog. I also posted this look on instagram (@lucysb_) to which I got a very positive response, I think it's the white dungarees...

Lucy x


  1. These are so gorgeous! Ahh killing it girl xx

  2. lovely blog.. am following.. try follow back

  3. Wait, your dad wants to be on your blog?! Haha. That's so awesome! And the "he's so vogue" comment made me laugh out loud :D


    1. Yes, he's always asking to be on my blog or YouTube, I think he thinks he'll become famous! Ahaha x

  4. My mom always wants to join me every time I do outfit shots as well. Haha! Anyway, cute outfit and you look pretty. Love the shoes.

    Happy New Year! :)


  5. that white dungaree is kind of rad!!! :D awesome!

    happy new year!
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